COVID-19 has affected the WNC community in countless ways, many of which have led to personal financial crises. One burden facing those whose resources are limited is access to laundry services. The cost of washing clothes at laundromats makes saving to purchase personal machines difficult if not impossible. As a response to this growing concern, WNCBF has established a laundry fund. Each affiliated church qualifies for a $200 grant to help folks who need this type of assistance. The only requirement is that the money be used to help with the costs related to laundering clothes. Your church’s first grant is pre-approved. Additional funds may be requested on our Missions Funding Request page. For example, churches might use the money in any of the following ways:

·         Pay an area laundromat in advance and send participants to that location for service.

·         Keep the money available in petty cash and meet those requesting assistance at a local coin-operated laundry facility.

·         Maintain a stock of laundry supplies such as washing powder, stain remover, etc., and provide as needed.

·         Add to additional church funding to purchase public machines to be used at the church.

·         Any other method of easing the financial strain of laundering clothing.

Interested? Please send an email to Melissa Hughes at and request laundry funds—up to $200—for your church. The first grant is pre-approved. If additional funding is necessary, make the request through our website’s funding request page.